A consistent theme I’ve experienced while living in New York City is the feeling of an odd suspense in time while being pulled in many directions. When equal pressures are applied in all aspects of a three dimensional space, an object will simply float.


Plastic sheeting and bags, thread, photographs

5’ x 6’ x 5’

For this project, I created a soft sculpture that highlights the themes of isolation, vulnerability, and serenity, all in relation to my time living in New York City this year. I am telling a story about my transformation while living here, as well as the barriers I’ve put up or put myself within to protect myself. I explored the idea of vulnerability through transparent layers in my sculpture, approaching the objects as x-rayed views of my life. The clear plastic exposes the inner workings of the body. 

The central and largest sphere is representative of my current self. It is filled with images of the things that have made up my life, such as family and experience. The other four spheres are smaller in size and show parts of my experience that have either been pulled away from me or given to me since moving to New York, but are still suspended near my central being. These smaller, orbiting spheres contain images of people and emotions that have started to drift away from me over the last three months. Each sphere is unique, with different colored threads and imperfections showing the process of crafting the shapes. I used red thread to pull the shapes in different directions, resulting in this feeling of suspense.

The strings pulling in different directions lead to an overarching feeling of movement and time. Harmony and balance are key in my presentation of the objects, and my goal is for the viewer to be able to move around the piece to see the different photographs within the shapes. Like the spheres, my thoughts and experiences are messy and tangled, torn and pulling.

©2019 Amal Flower Kay.
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