Redsheep Creek

Redsheep Creek is based off of memory and experience - who we were, who we are, and who we will become. It is an exploration of home, safety, and most importantly the idea of having to leave that safety. My friends and I had previously done four backcountry hiking trips together, and this exploration of the Brooks Range in Alaska was set to be our last. It was a month and a half of alpine hiking that would push our limits as a group. Hiking through these wild places brings about many challenges. The physical exhaustion is hard, but the emotional strain is the most difficult aspect. Every situation we went through tested us and brought us closer to the land we were living on. By the end of the trip we all regarded this place as home. The piece revolves around my friend and father figure, John, and his heartbreak of leaving the Arctic. It is a candid, photojournalistic triptych that utilized sharp clarity and dramatic lighting to reveal the subject’s emotional tension.

©2019 Amal Flower Kay.
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