Amal Flower Kay

New York//Minneapolis//The World

Amal Flower Kay is a photographer, videographer, and curator currently living in Brooklyn, New York. His work creates a bridge between documentary photojournalism and a narrative cinema style to better communicate intimate stories and experiences. Amal has been featured in People Magazine, Photographer’s Forum Best of Photography 2017, and is a 2018 Young Arts winner.

Photo by Joe Pugliese.


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  • Brother Ali
  • Fashion Week Minnesota
  • Soundset Festival
  • The Voice
  • Culture Piece Magazine
  • City of Minneapolis
  • Green Card Voices
  • Intermedia Arts
  • Jonah Marais
  • Pollen
  • Voices for Racial Justice

Mentions, Publications, and Awards

Ilhan Omar for People Magazine (1/9/17), featured photography.

YoungArts Winner 2018, Photography.

Culture Piece Magazine "Romeo Hunte SS19" NYFW coverage, featured photography.

Culture Piece Magazine "NYCLU Concert," featured photography.

Gay Times Mag "Vardaan Arora on growing up gay in India and how it’s influenced him as an artist," featured photography.

CNN "How the Twin Cities got transit right," featured photography.

Crystal Pillar Award from Upper Midwest Emmy Chapter - Best Non-Fiction 2018

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